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Refreshed by victoriaferguson featuring kate spade pursesSole Society taupe shoes / Kate spade purse / T LeClerc black eye makeup / Bare Escentuals mineral mascara, $46 / Fresh lip care
Refreshed by victoriaferguson featuring kate spade purses

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Such A Lady

Hi! My name's Victoria and thanks for checking out my blog. As you can tell, it's full of clothes because I absolutely love fashion. I hope to be a fashionista for the rest of my life! :)

This is my fashion blog! Everything I post is made by me! I love makinkg outfits, if you like my posts, reblog, like, or comment! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

My style is a mix of different things. I love the whole boho chic look with the earthy tones like olive green (my favourite colour) and dark brown. Yet at the same time I love anything vintage. I love lace and light pink or cream-coloured. I also love the classy, chic look.

Because I love clothes and fashion and shopping so much, I want to have a career in the fashion industry. I want to be a stylist for Seventeen magazine.

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